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I actually do digital marketing and branding for businesses. I have worked and working on some blogs and done a bunch of SEO projects to get a good amount of traffic. Currently I am doing all the things with my digital marketing skills. To get a good result I must set a goal. Without a goal, it is a complete waste of time, and this what I believe.

Digital Marketer

Ashiqur Rahaman

What do I do for a living? And What’s my profession? As you are watching or visiting my site you might be interested to know about my professional life. I am also interested in myself 😀

I am a digital marketer in the profession. I work to promote client’s business online through the latest marketing strategy. I am working in this field for 3+ years. My main role is to consult businesses to grow online. It can be any channel from SEO to SEM to SMM. 

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As I serve the client’s requirements in the digital marketing sector. I have knowledge of how to promote business. I follow strategic and data-oriented meths to plan a digital marketing strategy. It helps to promote the business to the right audience. If you need any particular service like a messenger campaign, chatbot setup, email marketing, SEO or SMM is also possible. Let’s talk about your business today. We will be happy to help. Team Ashiqur Rahaman is ready to assist you.

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