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Hi! I am Ashiqur Rahaman

What do I do for a living? And What’s my profession? As you are watching or visiting my site you might be interested to know about my professional life. I am also interested in myself 😀

Anyway, I will disclose some of my daily life doing about what I do in everyday life. What’s the mainstream of my living. I actually serve clients by consulting digital marketing to grow their business. But it’s not ending here. I do lots of other stuff. In my daily work life, I need to use lots of SEO and marketing tools. I try to review them and earn little commission from there. I also have some blogs where I refer best products and it gives me some extra money. 

My Passion

Like everyone I also have passions. I don’t know if I should write them here or not. But I thought that let’s write them anyway. Before starting my blog Ashiqur Rahaman, I focused on developing my skills in which I was passionate about. My main passion in work life is mostly to help people anyhow in their business, especially in digital marketing. If I can help people then it brings me happiness. So I came to this service-based business. Here I get lots of opportunities to help people. It can be anything from growing their business to free SEO consultation. 

On the other hand, I read books when I get time. It’s like my leisure time. I can’t read four books a month but at least try to read one or two in a month. It drives me more energy and confidence to get ahead.

Traveling. There is no need to mention, I think most of the people on the earth have this passion. I also have it. My one of the goal is to travel every corner of the world. Don’t know why but I think I will be able to fulfill this one day. I have a plan to open to a section regarding traveling so that I can write traveling experience and other topics related to it. 

Other Places I work (You can hire me there)

Fiverr (SEO Gig)

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My Goals

My goal is to fulfill my basic needs. Really, I don’t have any type of fancy dream for which I am desperate. Let’s keep this aside. I am currently planning to maximize my online business. I will make more content to build a community where the same kind of professional can come and join to build a good helping hand. Also, it’ll be useful to make them update in the industry. 

I personally think that a better community can make you more active in what you are doing. I have some big plans in the SAAS niche. Though it’ll need some time. whenever I will be able to finalize that I will just announce that. Currently, I am serving businesses to grow online by helping them strategically and technically in Digital Marketing.

I Love To Do What I love!

Because it makes me feel that when you want to do things at the best level you must have passion in the subject then it'll bring the best results.

Ashiqur Rahaman

If I have 5 second I will make the decision yes.

-Ashiqur Rahaman

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