What is OBL in SEO

What is OBL (outbound links) in SEO and does this matter?

Outbound links are hyperlinks that link a webpage to another website. When Googlebot crawls a page, it looks not only at the content of your web pages but also at the way you have linked to other pages within your site and to other sites on the web. This helps Google figure out how your webpage relates to the larger question of what topic you’re covering on a web page.

What is an outbound link?

Good SEO practice is to use outbound links, but try not to overuse them. Google might penalize you for using too many and it can be seen as simply a gimmick to get page views and ad revenue.

If you find content has no outbound links, look closely at the content and see if you can add them; also, ensure that they are linking to credible sources as well as relevant ones. Some pages may only require a couple of outbound links while others might need more.

Outbound links show search engines what other sites your content relates to, thus helping Google figure out how your webpage relates to the larger question

What is an inbound link?

A backlink (also known as an inbound link) is a hyperlink on a third-party website that points to your site. Inbound links are essential for search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines consider many, relevant inbound connections to a page to be an indication that the material on it is valuable.

What are the differences between inbound and outbound links?

Inbound Links vs Outbound Links: Understanding the Difference. In order to understand how inbound and outbound links work, you must first understand why they exist at all. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving field with its own vernacular and rules of thumb. One of the most widely accepted rules is that relevant inbound links are integral to improving a website’s page rank, which is based on how many sites link to it.

How do I know if my site has outbound links?

Generally, you can find out whether your site uses outbound links by checking the HTML code for your web pages. You can also see how many outbound links your site has by using the tool provided by moz.com (see Resources). Additionally, you can check to see if your site uses outbound links with common internet browsers that display hyperlinks, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

To test whether my site is using outbound links, I will copy and paste the HTML code for one of my web pages into Notepad. Next, I’ll highlight all of the hyperlinks on the page and paste them into a separate document. If there are any outbound links within those hyperlinks, they should show up in this document.


Outbound links are important because it helps in search engine optimization by getting more link juice to other websites within your niche. Outbound links are hyperlinks that send visitors outside of your website. They can lead to another page on the same domain, or to an entirely different website.

The reason why outbound links are important is that if you have other sites linking to you, it means that they consider your site to be an authority on a topic or niche. For example, finding websites in your industry that link to your competitors is great for establishing yourself as the go-to expert within the space.

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